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I have been using a particular method (okay that may be a bit too official word!) to take wedding portraits and engagement photos since last summer. I have included movement in photos.

After learning an interesting way of shooting portraits it felt like a new world opened to me. I already knew that movement is beautiful. I have always loved shots where hair flows and disturbs the viewers view to the person. But I didn’t know that incorporating movement to every photo session is so groundbreaking when you start to use it systematically.

I basically learned the importance of movement after watching Justin & Mary’s video course ‘The art of authentic posing‘. It is 4 hours long and full of concrete advice and tips. That has been by far one of my best investments ever regarding online photography courses, workshops, and e-books. If you are stuck with still and moveless images and you are willing to learn something new, I can highly recommend buying that online course (and this is not a paid advertisement!).

I can tell you a secret. I’ve listened and watched one video of that course every. single. time. when I drove to shoot a wedding. I wanted so eagerly to learn at least 5 different “movement poses” so that I could remember them well while photographing the wedding couple. I watched the video so many times that now I don’t even need to memorize anything as everything is on the backbone of my head. When you have your “go-to poses” you can vary them multiple times during your shoot.

Movement in photos by Petra Veikkola Photography #justinandmary #artofauthenticposing #posing #poses Movement in photos by Petra Veikkola Photography #justinandmary #artofauthenticposing #posing #poses

The value of movement and how I’m using it on my own work came to my mind today after I read Ginny Au’s tips on Movement in Imagery. I love her work and I can really undersign everything that she wrote in that article. The quotes in this post are all from Ginny Au.


To create meaningful, cohesive work, we must find ways to include

the expressions of people and action into our designs and imagery.


It is so true that when you move and do things, you forget the camera. You forgot the situation where you are in. And you just concentrate the movement, what you are supposed to do and the person in front of you. Your emotions are real. They may be raw. You may cry, smile or feel vulnerable.

I adore all different emotions that movement can evoke in you. The movement also helps a lot to tell your story. The movement gives you an opportunity for spontaneous moments and gestures with your loved ones. You can really connect and hold each other like you normally would do.

You are authentic when you show your emotions and when you are genuinely you. And your photos will be authentic and full of emotion too.


Showing motion in an image brings the viewer into the middle of a story,

watching it unfold frame by frame.


I always ask my couples to do certain things together while we start shooting. Everything may start a bit awkward or funny but when the couple starts to interact with each other the movement feels natural. Usually, I start with them walking together away from me and then towards me. After some “practice walking”, I start to include other things to that walking in order to have more variations.

Movement in photos by Petra Veikkola Photography #justinandmary #artofauthenticposing #posing #posesMovement in photos by Petra Veikkola Photography #justinandmary #artofauthenticposing #posing #posesMovement in photos by Petra Veikkola Photography #justinandmary #artofauthenticposing #posing #poses

You should know your couple and try to encourage them to do things that feel normal to them. If the couple is easy-going and makes jokes together, try encouraging them to be a bit goofy together. In case, your couple is a more serious one, little gestures like the groom gently kissing the neck of the bride may be the right kind of movement for them.

Movement in photos by Petra Veikkola Photography #justinandmary #artofauthenticposing #posing #posesMovement in photos by Petra Veikkola Photography #justinandmary #artofauthenticposing #posing #poses

Be sensible and take into account the moment where they are. If there are lots of people around it may be silly to try to get the couple feel really intimate and take close ups. Instead, they could start walking, talking and engaging themselves other ways.

Movement in photos makes the wedding story more authentic and real to the couple. I want my couples to be able to leave a legacy that shows their real love. Who they really are and have been. Two people in love. That’s why I always incorporate movement in my shootings.


Wedding imagery should tell compelling stories, express emotion,

and capture genuine moments as they unfold.


Movement in photos by Petra Veikkola Photography #justinandmary #artofauthenticposing #posing #poses Movement in photos by Petra Veikkola Photography #justinandmary #artofauthenticposing #posing #poses


Beautiful! I wish I had that kind of talent!

Thank you so much Cindy for your lovely words!

I absolutely adore this post. Beautiful, expressive photography. Very inspiring!

Thank you so much Eliza!

Yes, yes yes! I took their course a few years back and it has been some of the best advice for natural looking images. LOVE YOUR WORK!

Thank you so much Adrienne! Oh, you must have taken their live course then…?

Beautiful imagery and great tips. Thank you.

Thank you for commenting Lacey!

I absolutely loved Justin and Mary’s posing course! I love your work and you have clearly nailed creating and capturing movement!!!

Yeah, that course was so eye opening to me! Thank you sweet Nicole!

Beautiful work and it opened my eyes to the benefits of incorporating more movement in my sessions. Thank you!

Thank you Nicole! Yes, I strongly encourage to use movement as it makes images more authentic.

Heyy Petra these are just awesome. I just loved going through these pictures.The emotions are beautifully captured and it feels great to know how wonderfully you understand the couples. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Thank you so much! You made my day! <3

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