Frequently asked questions

How far in advance do you start booking?

I start booking weddings a year before the wedding date. You should book me typically 4 – 12 months in advance. Other than weddings I book normally 2 weeks – 2 months out.


How do we secure you for our wedding date?

After you have signed the electronic contract and paid the 40 % deposit, your date is secured and booked in my calendar.


How many photos will we get?

Every wedding is different, and the number of delivered pictures depends greatly on how many hours you have booked me. For an 8-hour wedding, I usually deliver around 800 photos.


When will we get to see our photos?

It takes 5 – 8 weeks to get your wedding images edited (I usually post a few preview images to Instagram within 24 hours from the wedding, feel free to tag and share them on your social media) during the peak season (May – September). For portrait work, it takes 1 – 3 weeks.


How do you give us our files?

I deliver all high and low-resolution .jpg files via a private online gallery. It’s fast and most importantly an environmentally friendly way of delivering your photos. This gives you the ability to easily download your images from multiple places for a safe keeping. Your private online gallery makes it also easy to share your images with your friends and family.


Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes, I love to travel and visit new places. So if you are going somewhere exotic or remote or really awesome to get engaged or having an elopement or wedding, take me with you and let me photograph the whole thing. My destination wedding coverage package includes all expenses so no need to worry about travel fees etc. Just send me a note and I will send my price info to you!


What type of equipment do you use?

I have different cameras depending on the situation. For my film work, I mainly use Contax 645 and Canon 1v, and shoot a mixture of films (Fuji 400, Kodak Portra 400, and Ilford 3200). I also use two Canon Mark III for all of my digital work with prime lenses (35mm, 45mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm macro, 130mm). I always have a backup gear with me.


Do you offer albums?

Yes, I do offer fine art wedding albums which are made of the finest European linen and Japanese silk and big heirloom photo books. I highly recommend that you consider having an album, a book or printing your images on the fine art paper. Photographs are meant to be printed, shared and passed to next generations. I wholeheartedly wish that you want to leave a tangible memory of your wedding day – your special legacy for future generations. I’m more than happy to show you the album samples and fine art prints in person when we have our planning session.


Can we get unedited photos?

All the photographs are culled down (i.e. I chose the ones that goes to my editing workflow) and edited to a perfection by me. I never give unedited images.


Do you shoot black and white photos?

Yes, I definitely do. In each session, I’m delivering some photos in color and others in black and white. I’ll make the decision which images will be in black and white and which ones in color based on my artistic views.


What can I do with the images?

You can share them with your guests, post to your social media sites, print them etc. However, I do ask that you do not crop or edit the images. If you are sharing my images online, I ask you to credit me either via a link to my webpage (, my Facebook page ( or Instagram account ( In case any of your vendors would like to use the images in their own business, please send them in my direction (petra(at)


Do you have insurance?

Yes, absolutely!


Where can I find more info about pricing?

Fill up a contact form or send me an email, and we can talk. I would love to hear from you!


Do you take credit cards?

Yes, I do via Paypal which also gives you the option to pay in installments. However, there’s a small fee for credit card transactions.